Getting started

Before you start you have to consider some points

Integrate Your Magento store to Convertedin

Follow this guide to integrate your Magento store to Convertedin

Hello Magento store owner, let's make Convertedin magic works on your store!

What we will do is:

  1. Download the from the market place.

2. Unzip the extension file and make sure the output file is under app/code in your store

3. Run Magento Commands

Php bin/magento setup:upgrade
Php bin/magento setup:di:compile
Php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
Php bin/magento cache:flush

4. Configure Convertedin extension by navigating into Store - > Configuration

5. Select Convertedin connector and make sure to set the mode into "live" and "Yes" for extension enabling

7. Save the configuration and clear the cache

php bin/magento cache:flush

8. By clicking Autologin button an account will be auto-created for you to use, you can also create an account manually through the _

9. In case you already created an account on Convertedin

  • Log into your Convertedin account

  • From the data sources section select Magento

  • Go to your Magento store and provide the needed items in the extension configuration page

  1. Store URL

  2. Access Token

  3. Change the mode into live

  4. Set "Yes" for extension enable

10. Complete the onboarding process by adding your business social accounts that you desire running ads on, no worries you can connect more platforms later on.

11. Enjoy resting while Convertedin engines start syncing the data

12. Run your first campaign with Convertedin

Magento extensionsignup page

If you have a store in mind that you would love to see integrated with Convertedin, kindly use this to signup with


In case you have any questions, facing troubles connecting to Convertedin reach us on

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