Shopify Integration for Initiate checkout Event

Accourding to Shopify restriction on checkout page you can configure the `Initiate checkout` event on your shopify store.

Follow these steps to add the Convertedin pixel checkout event

  • first go to Themes on the Online Store tab on the sidebar

  • then select the edit the theme.liquid file and the initialization code of the pixel

  • Add the InitiateCheckout Event on click at checkout button

  • You should add "your_pixel_id" with the pixel id in the setting tab in Convertedin dashboard

<script src=""></script>
  ciq("init", "your_pixel_id"); // the PixelId provided in convertedin dashboard
  var checkoutElm = document.getElementById('checkout');
  if (checkoutElm) {
  checkoutElm.onclick = function(event) {
    var cart = {{ cart | json }};
  var originalCartItems = cart.items || {};
  var requestedCartItems = [];
  originalCartItems.forEach(function(item, index){
    var addedToCartObj = {id: null,quantity: 0, name:""};
    if(item.hasOwnProperty("id")) =;
    if(item.hasOwnProperty("quantity")) addedToCartObj.quantity = item.quantity;
    if(item.hasOwnProperty("title")) = item.title;

     ciq("track", "InitiateCheckout", {
        content: requestedCartItems, 
        currency: Shopify?.currency?.active ?? "USD", 
        value: cart.total_price 

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