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Integrate Your Salla store to Convertedin

How to install Convertedin App?

Step to step on how to install Convertedin app “Marketing Automation Platform for E-commerce” to your Salla store!

1. [Summary and advantages]

Convertedin is a unified marketing operating system that offers features like ads, SMS, and email automation for e-commerce store owners, marketers, and enterprises. Also, it has a personalized product recommendation engine.

2. [Steps to Salla App´s installation]

1. Access Convertedin page on our Marketplace and click in “Install App”.

2. Grant permissions to Convertedin and start the App installation

3. Now you have Convertedin app installed and you will be redirected to Convertedin dashboard is shown an account created with the same credentials as your Salla account.

4. In case you already created an account on Convertedin

  • Log into your Convertedin account

  • Click on start to integrate or click on Data Source

  • Select Salla

  • Add Store URL then next

  • Login into Salla account

  • Grant permissions to Convertedin and start the App installation

  • Store is integrated to convertedin

In case you have any questions, facing troubles connecting to Convertedin reach us on

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