Getting Started

Connect shopify store with Convertedin.

You can add your store by installing Convertedin app from Shopify store.

  • Or, you can add your store from Convertedin dashboard.

This image illustrates how Convertedin works.

Connect through dashboard

  1. Registration

After completing the registeration step you will be redirected to Your account dashboard to complete onboarding.

  1. Add data source

The first step is adding data source. Choose shopify then you will be redirected to another page, add your shopify store URL and click proceed.

  1. Authorization

After clicking proceed, you will be redirected to shoify to give convertedin permissions to get your store info that we need, after that you will be redirected back to Convertedin dashboard.

  1. Payment step

In this step you will choose the plan. When click subsribe you will be redirected to Shopify to complete the payment then you will be redirected back to Convertedin dashboard.

  1. Social Connect

After completing a payment you should connect to your social accounts. After completing this step wait a little time while Convertedin engine finish his job.

Connect by installing the plugin

  1. Install the plugin

Go to Shopify APPs store and find Convertedin app named by "Convertedin Ads Automation", then click on install button. After finishing the steps that Shopify needs it you will be redirected to Convertedin dashboard.

  1. Set password

After redirection, Convertedin will ask you to set your password and confirm it. Then you can use your Shopify admin email and the password to login again anytime to our platform, or just open the dashboard direct from your Shopify store dashboard.

  1. Complete onboarding

After setting your password all the steps from Step 4 in the previous example are same here, follow these steps to finish onboarding and start using Convertedin platform.

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